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I believe that you need to have the right tool for the right job. To accomplish that, I’ve collected a large number of tools and equipment for the work I do. Below is a listing of some of the larger and/or most used tools that I have to get the job done right. I present these to you here so that you can begin thinking about what you might like to have used on you before your session begins. I also present all of these tools in the hopes that you’ll be inspired by them and perhaps see a way to fulfill a fantasy of yours by using them in a way that hasn’t occurred to me. What you won’t see on this page is all of the dildo’s and vibrators that I have for use during a session…there’s just too many to display and since they are only a small part of the BDSM experience with me, I don’t list them individually. I am happy to show you the collection before we begin engaging your session so that you can select which, if any, you’d like to be included in your session.


In October of 2014 I moved into a large new commercial space and have been able to create the work space that I've dreamed of for quite a few years. It's private, sexy, edgy and set up the way I want and need for my work. I have a massage table, sling, bed, whipping post and leather sofa in the main room. Inside the main room I have a cabinet full of toys and tools. The entire floor is padded so it's easy on the feet and knees. With this new space, I can create almost any type scene or experience that you're looking for.


To find out more details about my studio, visit the official website at the address below. As of April 2015 I hope to finish getting the studio set up to rent out to couples and groups. Let me know if you're interested in that option for your use.




This sling was designed and created specifically for me. I use chains to support it so that I can use restraints to hold your legs up so that you can relax them and also so that I can restrain your hands. The restraints are of course optional depending upon your needs. There is also a full length mirror suspended above the sling so that you can have a front row seat to watch all of the action.




This piece of equipment is so useful and multipurpose. It is designed to be laid on face down with your legs on the side pads. It is padded extra thick so that you can completely surrender the weight of your body into it and allow your muscles to relax. The bench also has a great many eye hooks and built in straps so that if you choose to be restrained there are plenty of options for that. This is the perfect bench for spanking, flogging or extended assplay.




This is a queen size bed with a waterproof play sheet on it so that it can handle anything that we can dish out. There is an under-bed restraint system there so that your arms and legs can be restrained if you choose. The bed is a great place to be able to lay down for spanking, flogging or general sensation play. It’s also a great place to explore assplay.




This waterproof mat is great for a variety of things depending upon how it is unfolded and set up.  When completely folded, it makes for a nice platform to lay on to be flogged or spanked as well as a place for kneeling or rest for assplay. When completely folded it also makes for a good cushion for standing flogging.  Whether folded or unfolded, it can be punched and kicked as well for anger release work or discharging the nervous system through physical thrashing. Unfolded and laid out flat it makes for a great wrestling mat or for restraint play that happens on the floor.  Since it is waterproof it is also a great barrier for any play involving liquids or watersports. It can be seen on the floor under the sling in the photos above.




I have a 6.5 foot tall St. Andrews Cross which can be easily moved around the room if you choose as it is light weight but sturdy. It aligns your body in a way that makes flogging or whipping more ergonomic for me. There are two rings at the top of the cross for securing your hands to and two at the bottom for connecting your feet to. The tilt of the cross allows for an inclined and thus more relaxed stance while you are on the cross which lets your time be more enjoyable for you. When you lean back against the cross then it positions your cock to be more readily available for me to manipulate for things like edging or CBT. This replaced the whipping post that you see in the other photos.




I have a wide range of restraints which can be used separately or in conjunction with any of the larger pieces of equipment. I have a soft Japanese Bondage rope (no locks or knots) for connecting both hands or feet to each other. For a bit more restrained feeling I use padded Velcro wrist and leg restraints with quick-click release connectors. For those wanting a bit more realistic feel to their restraints I have handcuffs and ankle cuffs. I also have leather padded wrist restraints and ankle restraints. By using carabineers I am able to attach any of these to the bench, the chains on the sling or the o-hooks positioned around the room so that you can experience a deeper level of surrender. Together we can explore any of these and find the restraint level that feels right for you in the moment. I also have collars and rope which can be used as part of your session as well.



Flogging is probably my personal favorite experience both as a giver and a receiver. Before starting my erotic practice, I would never have imagined myself saying that much less believing it but it’s true. I have a range of floggers that I use depending upon your experience level and desires. In the picture they range from least intense to most intense going left to right. They are as follows: Foxtail, Elkskin, Cowhide, suede and leather.



Just like with the floggers I have a range of spanking tools and most of them are multisided so I can get different sensations from each one to keep things mixed up for you. With each of those, one side is mild and the other a bit more spicy. I can use any of the tools pictured below but also use my hands or a thin cane to give you a wide range of spanking sensations. These are shown from least to most intense going left to right. As you might imagine, a great many simple household objects can be used for spanking. These are known in the BDSM world as “pervertables”. I have plenty of those lying around as well as a few more spanking toys that we can use if you need something a bit more intense.



I have a separate bathroom with a large free-standing claw foot tub. Since it is free-standing, I'm able to move around to any side of it and still have easy access to the tub. This tub is great for watersports, shower play or dunking scenes.





I also have a great many other toys and tools which can come into play during your session. They range from very mild to very intense. The main thing that I will mention from this grouping is the blindfold. By removing your ability to see what I’m doing or using, you are able to focus inward and experience the sensations just as they are rather than from an anticipatory and judgmental place of fear. I am happy to show you all of these before we engage your experience so that you can decide if you want to include any of them.

My space has a great many items which I've purchased from Fort Troff. They are an amazing company that offers a fun, kinky, wide range of items. I'm happy to support and promote them. Please check them out and stock up on some fun toys for yourself. Heck, bring them with you and I'll use them on you. I'm pretty quick at finding some fun uses for them. Check Fort Troff out by clicking on the banner below:



For all of the things listed above you will have the final say on what we use and exclude during your session. Or you can turn that decision over to me so that you can explore the sensations from the deepest place of surrender.  You are also welcome to bring any toys or tools from your personal collection and I will incorporate them into your experience.


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