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Below are some questions which are frequently asked by those curious about an appointment with me. Please review these questions before emailing me because quite possibly your answer is already here. Of course if you donít see what youíre looking for, please feel free to drop me a line at Michael@MaleEroticDungeon.com and ask.






Why do you ask for pics of me to schedule an appointment? 

I request a picture of you as a courtesy. I've shared a great deal about myself with you on this site so that you will have a good idea of who you're choosing to work with. I no longer require the picture but really appreciate your willingness to share one with me. Your trust in me with your picture begins to build trust between us and that will allow us to go deeper during our time together. I don't need it to be a studio quality portrait, full nude or anything special, just a picture that gives me an idea of who to expect when you arrive. I can read a lot from pictures and having that connection with you helps me to be more fully prepared for your session.



What if I don't have a pic to send or won't send the one I have?

I understand your need for privacy and desire to be discrete but I invite you to really ask yourself why your default setting is to NOT trust rather than trust. I have no one that I need to send these pictures to or anywhere that I want to post them. If I did, this town isn't that big and it would get around and ruin my business. I'm no fool nor do I have a need for childish behavior like secretly posting your pic somewhere. I'm asking you to trust me so that I can begin to trust you. That being said, if you want a session with me and you absolutely won't send me a picture, I am willing to take a working phone number for you in lieu of that. I can't do an energy reading with that, so it will require a phone call from you so that we can chat before booking the session. The final option is that I'm willing to take a reference from another provider. I prefer pics, then phone and referrals in that order.


What do you do with the pics if I don't schedule a session?

I hold them for about a month after you contact me. If you haven't scheduled by then, I delete them. If you contact me after that time, I'll have to ask you to resend your pics.



Why don't you show your cock in any of your pictures?

The main reason you won't see my cock in any of the pictures on my site is because the sessions are not about my cock at all. I'm very proud of my cock because nature was kind enough to bless with a nice sized cock but I don't want it to be used as a reason to book a session with me. These sessions are about the desires of those who come to me for work and not about my pleasure. During the session, we'll both be nude so you'll have plenty of opportunity to see, touch and explore my body (or not) but I want you to make the decision to visit me based upon your desires and not on my cock.



What kind of assplay toys are available if I want to experience them?

I have a wide variety of toys available and love to use them. Each toy is cleaned and covered with a fresh condom before you arrive. I have dildos in various sizes from very thin and short all the way up to long and thick. I also have a harness that I can use to strap them all on. This frees up my hands and allows for more intense penetration if you desire that. I also have a titanium butt plug, a glass dildo, a vibrating prostate stimulator, and many other ass toys of various shapes and sizes. I really enjoy exploring toy play and am very experienced in the pleasures that can be derived from each one I own. I'm sure we can find the right shape and size for you. You are also welcome to bring any toy from your private collection and we'll see if we can find new levels of pleasure for you with it.


Will the experience leave marks on my skin?

It is my intention to not leave any mark that will last longer than 10 Ė 15 minutes. Sometimes even the most gentle impact play can leave a red place but I do my best to give your skin time to ďleather upĒ as part of the process and that is what prevents marking. Some bodies however are just prone to marking. If you know this you then this work is probably not the best for you unless your focus is on spanking and no one will be seeing your bare ass. The domination work and dungeon fantasy play however can be accomplished without impact play and thus no marking. Accidents do happen but know that I strive to leave ZERO traces of our time together.


Do you do slave training, humiliation domination, torture scenes, or leather-man fantasy play?

No, I donít. I can help you explore the light side of BDSM but any experience close to those in the question is probably best handled by someone whose focus is in that area. If you need that type of experience, Iím happy to refer you to other BDSM pros that I know but Iím not comfortable offering that type work professionally. My work is about getting you connected with your body, not having power over you or inflicting pain.


Does this experience mean that I'm gay?

No, this experience doesn't make you anything. You choose the labels that you put on yourself or you choose not to be labeled. Labels limit us by their definition of us. To me, being open to all the sources of pleasure that the Universe has to offer us is the ideal state to be in. Who you relate to sexually has to do with your sexual orientation, not how you receive pleasure or from whom. Pleasure is an energy and as such has no gender. Pleasure is determined by how you interpret a stimulus, not about the person creating the stimuli. In this work there is either pleasure or not. It has nothing to do with your sexual identity.


Will I have an ejaculation during the session?

That really depends upon the session, the experience you seek and your desires. For the most part impact play is not about cuming, itís about noticing the sensations that arise within the body. Some guys find these sensations pleasurable and like to add cock stimulation in with them. I can eroticize any experience in my dungeon or leave it out completely. I find that the experience is intense enough that an orgasm is almost anticlimactic. However, I also know how healing it is for the body to experience an orgasm because of the energy that it sends through your system so ending a session with one is a great idea (and of course fun). We will of course discuss this more when you schedule a session.


Do I need to do an douche beforehand?

No unless you want to include assplay as part of your session. Typically taking a bowel movement before you arrive for the session is sufficient for our work. However the best way to be able to relax and feel confident that you're as clean as you would like is to do a shallow enema. I have kits available if you'd like to purchase one to use before we begin your session. They're 10 dollars. I am happy to keep it at my studio for you if you'd like or you can take it with you. Details for doing an douche and options for doing that in my studio before your session can be found HERE.


I've never let a guy touch me erotically before; what if I'm too nervous?

I've worked with many guys in this situation and have had no problems so far. Ultimately this is about you and allowing your body to be stimulated. Your pleasure is not dependent upon the gender of the person doing the stimulating. We'll spend some time chatting before your session begins and in that discussion, I'll find out a bit more about you and will explain everything that will happen during the session before we begin. I am a very calm, grounded, easy-going and gentle person and many have found that just by being in my presence they tend to calm down very quickly. If we were engaging in some sort of romantic connection then my gender would be more of an issue for you. Since this is about you and your body, my gender is not a factor, only your thoughts are. Change your thoughts and you'll change your life.


Can I touch you?

Yes, you are welcome to touch me but that's not the focus of our time together. This experience is about you and your body. If you choose to touch me you'll find that I won't stop the process to encourage that, but rather I'll just continue working. This has nothing to do with you and so please don't be offended. When you begin touching me, your focus shifts to me and away from you. Many guys say that bringing pleasure to their partner is how they get pleasure. I get that because that is the base of my work, but this experience is about you allowing yourself to just absorb layer upon layer of sensation without sending that energy back to me. Yes, I know that can be a challenge but that's what this work is about. This session is about you focusing fully on your body not mine. (That's why you pay me.)


Is this your full time job?

Yes. I've been in full-time practice since November of 2005. I love this work and am honored to be able to sustain myself with it. I have an amazing work studio where I'll be working on you. I do not live there. There is a picture of my dungeon and studio on the "Tools" page of my site.


Are you a cop?

No. With all the buzz about police stings and erotic workers, this is an understandable fear that many guys have. Primarily those stings are targeted toward female workers and allegedly for their safety. I can assure you that the police do not go to the trouble to make a website as thorough as mine, nor take the time to respond to emails or advertise the way I do. As you can see from my "testimonials" page (on my Sacred Intimate site), my clients know me and trust me. If you doubt me at all, please select any testimonial that you'd like from the testimonial page and I can get you in touch via email with its author to confirm what I say.



Do you live in the space where I'll be going? Is it safe? Is the neighborhood safe?

I have a commercial space located in an old factory in the SoDo District immediately south of downtown Seattle. The building has been renovated and converted into a variety of unique commercial and residental spaces. My work space is completely self-contained and separate from any other studio. The work studio contains dungeon and a full bath and has its own private entry. The area is very clean and safe at all hours however because it is located in an industrial neighborhood, it is ofter very quiet and seemingly deserted at night. That can make it feel more frightening than it is especially if you are walking to the light rail station. The building that my space is in is a mixed use building. There are commecial spaces, live-work spaces and residental only spaces. We've had no reports of crimes.



Will I pass another client on my way in or out?

It is highly doubtful. I schedule sessions an hour apart to avoid this overlap of appointments...and that is also why I ask you not to show up early for your appointment. 


Do you cum during the session?

Typically I do not cum during a session. I am multi-orgasmic. This means that I can have many dry orgasms without ejaculating and I do that many times throughout a day. Like most guys who are past their 20s, once I ejaculate I'm ready for a break. If I cum, that makes it challenging for me to do this work for the rest of the day. If you do choose to touch me, all I ask that you please not touch me with the intent to try and make me cum. Your pleasure is not dependent upon my orgasm in this setting.



Can I take a shower afterwards?

You certainly can...or we can take one together during your session. I love playing in the shower. A bath is also an option. I'm happy to bathe you because I find that very erotic.



What about disease?

Any sexual/sensual encounter carries with it a certain risk of disease. This one is no different but because of the format of the session, sexual contact is not a primary focus of the session. However, I get tested for the whole battery of STDs quarterly just as a precautionary action. I value my health and want to ensure that I'm not passing anything along to my clients. I make every effort possible to ensure that you don't leave with anything that you didn't come in with. I am currently HIV negative and on the PReP regimine to prevent HIV. We can live life from a place of fear where we never have any intimate contact or we can weigh our risks, take the necessary precautions and explore our sexuality. This, as with all intimate contact, is about trust. The experiences that are typically a part of my sessions carry a very low risk for you. Click HERE to see my latest test results.



Do you work with women or male/female couples?

The majority of my intimate contact has been with men. Since I am a male, the past experiences and knowledge of my body are what make me so good at this work. I know firsthand what the things I do to the male body feel like. I have been fortunate enough to have a few women in the past that have helped me to understand the workings of the female body better. While I am happy to work with women as a part of a couples session, I prefer to work primarily with men. This experience is about helping guys learn about their bodies. I feel comfortable doing this because of my knowledge and prefer to leave working with females to those who know the female body best. I know women who work with women doing this type of work and am happy to give you referrals to them if you happen to be female.



Where do you get the equipment and toys in your space?

The majority of my fun toys and kinky gear comes from Fort Troff. They are a great company with exceptional customer service. Click on the banner below and check out their wide selection of fun, kinky toys and gear.



I still have more questions, how do I get them answered?

Drop me a line with any questions that you have. I am always happy to answer questions for you to help you feel more comfortable with the experience. Please email me at Michael@MaleEroticDungeon.com. I'll get back with you as quickly as I can.





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