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The purpose of my work is to help men connect with their erotic bodies and harness that energy for their own healing, growth and evolution. My goal is to assist you in working through any issues which hold you back in life and to educate you on the tools and techniques used in the kink/BDSM community.


Some of our deepest wounds are sexual. Often these wounds are so deep or so old that we don't even know they exist. They shape our lives, control our emotions and cloud our judgment. People often think that wounds only come from bad experiences. The experience is simply the experience; neither good nor bad. The experience could be a hurtful statement from an adult figure when we're young, fear of a vengeful unloving God as taught by a religion or a child's misunderstanding of an ordinary experience. The wound is what we take away from the experience. The wound could be as simple as a belief that "sex is bad", your sexual behavior is "wrong" or that masturbation is "sinful." Some wounds are, of course, from obvious traumatic emotional experiences. Sexual wounds require sexual healing. This is what I'm offering ... sexual healing, in a safe environment.



In 2005 I began working as a Sacred Intimate doing bodywork and sex therapy for men to help them find new ways to open to and access pleasure. Details on that work and my journey to that practice is on my other website at MaleEroticEvolution.com. While doing that work, I had several clients ask me to help them explore elements from the kink/BDSM world such as spanking, flogging, watersports, and bondage. After 4 years of learning all I could about this area by attending events like ďKinkfestĒ in Portland, ďParadiseĒ in Seattle, becoming a member of the CSPC, along with various training seminars and 1-on-1 experiences with BDSM educators, I began offering Pro Dom work as another aspect of my erotic practice in 2009.


Iíve learned a lot in the years since beginning this side of my practice and Iíve learned to love it. By experiencing as a bottom all of the things that I offer as a top, Iíve come to understand it all at a very personal level. By being a ďswitchĒ I understand what happens to you as a bottom and how I can safely nurture and control that as a top. As with sex, the best tops are also bottoms. Iíve connected with it all so deeply and enjoy it so much that it is the direction that Iím choosing to shift my practice towards. The space Iíve moved into and am currently working out of is edgier and more focused on the dungeon aspect of my work than the soft and sensual side. I canít imagine ever giving up bodywork and sensual/erotic touch but I really enjoy the experiences which are possible by delving into a world that is considered taboo by most people.


I consider myself an educator first and scene player second.By this I mean that I most enjoy working with people who are just beginning to explore their kinkier desires. I like being able to introduce them to the tools and techniques from the kink world in a more relaxed and educational format. As with anything else, once you understand the basics you can move safely into any scene with more confidence. I have the patience and skills to slow things down as needed and progress at a pace that is right for the client to help them learn what does and does not work for them. Most Domís in this world are looking for experienced players (scene play participants) that can take what the Dom chooses to throw at them. Thatís a difficult place to be for the unexperienced to be and what I want to help them with.


As for being a scene player, Iím quite comfortable with too. I can take the roles that you want to explore and help you experience the scene in a way that is right for you. This could be scenes such as interrogator/prisoner, dad/son, researcher/volunteer, torturer/captive, Priest/altar boy or Doctor/patient to name just a few. Scene play is about each of us slipping into a role and letting the scene unfold within those characters. This work can be powerful, fun and incredibly healing especially if there has been past emotional/mental/physical wounding related to the roles you select for us.


One additional piece of information that I'd like to share with you is my view of myself. I do not consider myself to be a sadist nor a masochist. I don't get any particular joy from hurting you or being hurt. I consider myself to be a "pleasure facilitator" and "sensual Dom". I know how the body reacts to sensation and I understand how its response to pain can be incredibly pleasurable. These are sensations however that can NEVER be accessed solely by pleasure alone. Many guys tell me "I'm not into pain" and I understand that. I'm not into it either. I am however into the sensations that result in my body as a result of moving through the pain and into deeper layers of pleasure. The key is learning to find your pain threshold (the intensity where the stimulus shifts from just sensation and into pain) is and playing with that edge. This edge will trigger your brain to cause the release of adrenaline, oxytocin and endorphins and THAT is where deeper layers of pleasure reside. These amazing sensations however are hidden behind our "fear of pain" and so most people will never experience these sensations let alone even be aware that they exist. I speak to this from my own personal journey and experiences and not just from "this is what I've been told".


Iím honored to be doing this edgier work and excited about the depth it brings to my overall erotic practice. My education and journey continuesÖÖÖÖ


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